Press Release

October 21, 2009

Start of Sale of New Isuzu-Badge Commercial Vehicle in Peru

  Isuzu Motors Limited (President and Representative Director: Susumu Hosoi) has introduced the new model of its commercial vehicle to the Peruvian market under the brand name of Isuzu.

  Isuzu Motors Limited sold its vehicles under Chevrolet brand in Peru in the past. When Isuzu was going to release the new commercial vehicle (700P) in Peru, the Company decided to change its brand name to Isuzu. The truck will be sold through a local distributor, GM Peru.

  The steady growth of trucks sales volume in the Peruvian market is expected to continue in the future. Taking advantage of the high reliability of Japanese trucks as well as the growth trend, Isuzu intends to further expand its sales in the Peruvian market by appealing the brand name of the Company and reinforcing the distribution system of GM Peru.

  Isuzu sold 622 commercial vehicles in the Peruvian market in 2008. The Company plans to sell 1000 trucks in 2013.

  Isuzu Motors will vigorously pursue the expansion of its commercial vehicle business in overseas markets including those in South America.

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