Press Release

Overview of Exhibits

Large-size Route buses
1. ERGA NONSTEP CNG-MPI(Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle) [Reference Exhibition]
Fueled by compressed natural gas, this CNG bus features ISUZU's original MPI fuel injection system.
Meets new CNG vehicle emission technology guidelines(new long-term standards) and is certified as a low-emission heavy-duty vehicle.
All models are equipped with automatic transmissions, the easy-drive system and idling Stop & Start as standard features. Their universal design complies with nonstop bus certification specifications*1.
Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) such as formaldehyde, which are considered nose and throat irritants, have also been reduced*2.
*1: Official name: "Reform of standard specification nonstop bus certification system, 2005 and later standard feature specifications"
*2: Meets guideline values at room temperature of 13 VOC substances by ventilated fan as determined by Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.