Press Release

24 May, 2007

Isuzu introduces fully remodeled Forward trucks (F-series)
- First Vehicle ever in the Category* to clear Fuel Economy Standard for Heavy Duty Vehicles -

Isuzu Motors Limited (President: Mr. Yoshinori Ida) will begin to sell the first thoroughly remodeled version of its Forward truck in 13 years from May 24th in the Japanese market.

The new "Forward," which is the 6th generation of its series, is equipped with a newly developed high-power engine with small engine displacement along with a new transmission, Smoother Fx. Its cab is fully revamped. The new Forward successfully addresses drastic changes in exhaust emission regulations and driver's license system, and embodies fundamental performances required of medium-duty trucks.

Based on the "customer trust" acquired over the years, Isuzu proposes three new values associated with the Forward, which are "a fuel efficient vehicle in the age of new emission standards" (Forward being the first vehicle ever in the category* to clear fuel economy standard for heavy duty vehicles), "the best solution to new medium class driver's license" (a truck with GVW of eleven tons newly developed for this driver's license), and "safety and security" (new Smoother Fx).

In making the full model changeover, Isuzu considered that the medium-duty Forward and the light-duty ELF should belong to the same category, and with the technological concept of "SEE GLOBAL" from a global viewpoint, placed emphasis on safety, economy and environment to develop trucks that would be acceptable to the global market.

Since its first release in 1966, the Forward has been leading Japan's medium-duty truck market with innovative technology and customer trust. The new Forward will continue making positive contributions to the needs of medium-duty trucks in the Japanese transport industry. In addition, this new truck will play a key role in Isuzu's sales increase in overseas markets and support transportation business around the world.


Main features of the new Forward are as follows:
[ Interior and Exterior ]
Interior and exterior of the cab were fully renewed with designs that can project a sense of commonality as Isuzu commercial vehicles.

[ Fuel-efficient Vehicle in the Age of New Emission Standards ]
D-CORE*1 4HK1-TCS intercooler turbo diesel engine was newly developed. This is the main engine of the new Forward. Engine torque per displacement was raised to the maximum possible extent. The engine is light in weight and compact in size. Various performances such as high fuel efficiency and reduction of emission gas demanded of the engine were improved from its fundamental level.
First vehicle ever to clear*3 fuel economy standard for heavy duty vehicles*2
Has complied with new long-term exhaust gas regulations and acquired a certification for 2005 low emission standard for heavy duty vehicles.
Has been singled out as a low emission vehicle designated by eight prefectures and cities (H17 low emission vehicle), and designated as a low emission vehicle in seven prefectures and cities in Keihanshin (Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe) area (17TLEV)
First ever installation of automatic idling stop and start system in the category* as a standard device*4

(Proposed vehicles best suited for a medium class driver's license newly introduced)
To meet the newly-introduced "medium class driver's license" system (*5), the 11-ton GVW truck has been designed, which are available in a variety of vehicle models and variants to be able to meet a wider application of the medium-duty vehicle class.
The new truck has compatibly realized both big weight reduction and better durability/reliability. The new truck has been increased by 3-tons in GVW to 11-ton from the present 8-ton, and the most portion of the increased ton has been used to increase payload. Specifically, the present 4-ton class (8-ton GVW) wing body has the maximum payload of 3-ton, while the maximum payload of the 11-ton GVW F-CARGO Wing Body version has been increased to as much as 5800kg.

(Proposed Safety Security)
The new truck is equipped with Smoother Fx, which is an improved version of the Smoother F Series evolved from a manual transmission system. The Smoother Fx is an easy drive system designed originally by Isuzu based on the manual transmission to make it possible to alleviate driver's fatigue considerably and support safety driving.
An anti-theft electronic locking system called "Immobilizer" is available as standard equipment.
Both cab strength improvement and cab weight reduction have been compatibly achieved by using computer-aided analysis technologies.
To ensure safety of the passenger seat, a set of airbag and pretensioner seat belt with load limiter is made available for the passenger seat as standard equipment for SE Custom Version and as optional equipment for the Standard Version.

* Diesel-powered 4-ton class
*1. D-Core represents a next-generation highly-efficient diesel engine series in which Isuzu original concept, technology and performance are integrated to become a core of the diesel engine in the year to come.
*2. With the Energy Conservation Law additionally applied to Transportation Category, Automobile manufacturers must get the diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks shipped for the Japanese market in FY2015 onwards to meet the standard value of the weighted harmonic average fuel consumption in each FY.
*3. T5 to T7 Categories (excepting some models).
*4. The Idling Stop & Start systems are not available for some models.
*5. Under the revision to Japan's driver's license system to take effect on June 2, 2007, vehicles with a GVW between 5-ton and less than 11-ton or vehicles with a payload between 3-ton and less than 6.5-ton is classified as a medium-duty vehicle, and will require a "new medium class driver's license."