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For immediate release :
April 17, 2007

Isuzu Establishes Distributor in Canada

  Isuzu Motors Limited (based in Shinagawa Tokyo, Japan: President: Yoshinori Ida, hereinafter called "Isuzu") has announced the establishment of Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada, Inc. (hereinafter called "ICTC") in Canada as a distributor of Isuzu commercial vehicles and parts.

  The new company ICTC will import and sell Isuzu commercial vehicles and repair parts and provide services for them, with a view to strengthening the overall Isuzu sales and service network in Canada.

  The new company is capitalized at 1 million Canada Dollar (approx. 100 million yen), 100% held by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., Isuzu's subsidiary in the U.S.

  Isuzu is now making aggressive efforts to boost and strengthen sales organizations, aiming to expand overseas sales of its commercial vehicles. For this purpose, Isuzu will try to further increase sales by establishing its own sales network in Canada in addition to the existing sales network of GMC W-Series dealers.

  The Canadian market is a market with sales volume of trucks as high as approx. 790,000 units per year. Within this number, the Light/Medium Duty segment Isuzu is trying to enter is approximately 6,500 units per year. The new company will sell the N-Series (called "ELF" in Japan). The 2007 combined sales are projected to be approximately 1,000 units and, three years later, combined sales in 2010 are projected to be 2,000 units.

  The vehicles will be imported by ICTC from the U.S. and marketed through the sales network of local dealers.

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Outline of the new company
Company name Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada, Inc. (ICTC)
Established April, 2007 (Start of sales: June 2007)
Location Toronto, Ontario
Capital stock 1 million Canada dollar (100 million yen)
Shareholders Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.: 100%
Main business Import and sales of Isuzu vehicles and parts in Canada

Outline of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.
Established May 2003
Location California
Capital stock 25,500 US Dollars (approx. 3.10 million yen)
Shareholders Isuzu: 80%; and Itochu Automobile America: 20%
Main business North America Operations Control of Isuzu commercial vehicles, import and wholesale of the commercial vehicles, and import and supply of the components