Profile of Major Exhibitions Display Summary

Economic Advantages

Isuzu targets the needs of the transportation industry with unique products designed to diminish "lifecycle costs." Addressing that theme at this Tokyo Motor Show are four vehicles, two of them reference exhibits, along with seven engines and technology exhibits.

1. GIGAMAX Air-suspension TRACTOR
Mounted with the "Smoother-G," the Isuzu exclusive 16-gear type full automatic mechanical transmission. With all shifting and clutch operation conducted automatically from start to stop, there is a reduction in driver fatigue. Plus, with the 16-gear transmission ensuring detailed shifts into the optimum gear, there is minimal disparity in fuel economy between drivers. The results are fuel cost saving operation equivalent to having a veteran driver on board.
Adopts the EBS (Electric Brake System) for integrated electronic control over the braking system. The result is optimum control over both tractor and trailer brakes in reaction to changes in speed, weight and other factors, for dramatic improvements in driving stability when operating trailer.
Use of air-suspension helps curb upward thrust from the trailer to further improve riding comfort, while greatly reducing load shift and damage.

2. GIGAMAX Full air-suspension CARGO (Reference Exhibition)
Adoption of the "Smoother-G," the fully automatic mechanical. This helps reduce driver fatigue, as well as improve fuel economy.
A full air-suspension vehicle mounted with air suspension on both the front and rear wheels. The rear wheels are a particular focus with 4-bag air-suspension, realizing the highest quality transportation in the industry today.
An independent height adjustment feature for front and rear increases loading efficiency and is compatible with a variety of swap bodies.

Mounted with the "Smoother-F". No clutch operation is necessary and fuel economy rivals that of manual transmissions.
Adoption of 4-bag air suspension remodeled for use on medium-duty trucks keep vibration stable regardless of load volume or position. The resulting prevention of load shift and damage translates into impressive improvements in transport quality.

4. ELF Smoother-E (Reference Exhibition)
The "Smoother-F," a transmission that continues to earn high marks for its use on the "Forward" medium-duty truck, has been retooled for light-duty trucks as well. The fruits include lower driver fatigue, fuel economy equal to that of a normal manual transmission and the ability to reduce maintenance costs.

5. 6HK1-TC Diesel Engine for Medium-Duty Truck
An inter-cooler turbo diesel engine for medium-duty trucks. Features electronic control common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system, move to four intake and exhaust valves, central combustion chamber and other technologies that combine to forge a harmony between power and fuel economy. This engine is mounted on the Isuzu "Forward" medium-duty truck and the "ERGA" large-size route bus.

6HK1-TC Diesel Engine
Displacement 7790cc
Maximum Output 206kW (280hp) / 2700rpm
Maximum Torque 804N-m (82.0 kg-m) / 1400rpm
Specifications - Direct injection diesel engine
- Electronic control common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system
- OHC 24 valves
Models of use Forward series, ERGA series

6. 6WG1-TC Diesel Engine for Heavy-Duty Trucks
A diesel engine for use on heavy-duty trucks, engineered to generate both power and torque to spare. Electronic control common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system, one-way cooled EGR system and other features combine to yield impressive power and clean emission gases. This engine is mounted on the Isuzu "GIGA" heavy-duty truck series.

6WG1-TC Diesel Engine
Displacement 15681cc
Maximum Output 382kW (520hp) / 1800rpm
Maximum Torque 2256N-m (230.0 kg-m) / 1300rpm
Specifications - Direct injection diesel engine
- Electronic control common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system
- OHC 24 valves
- One-way cooled EGR system
Models of use GIGA Tractor series

7. Smoother-F Cut-Model
Based on a normal manual transmission, the "Smoother-F" changes the clutch system to a "fluid coupling(*1) + wet-type clutch plates" arrangement, with clutch operation conducted automatically by receiving acceleration operation signals. This effectively liberates the driver from wearisome clutch operations.
This model is also equipped with a lockup clutch(*2) to furnish smoother operation from startup through lockup, dramatically reducing power transmission loss and ensuring fuel economy on a par with that of manual transmission models.
Moreover, use of the wet-type clutch eliminates the need for clutch replacement, a sure step toward savings in the maintenance cost column.

(*1): A system that uses fluid to convey the power from the engine. There is no need for half-clutch operation as in manual transmission models, realizing smooth and simple shifting.
(*2): Direct mechanical linkage with the opposite turbine provides a system to prevent power transmission loss. Because the "Smoother-F" can lockup at about 10-15km/h, power transmission loss is extremely low compared to torque converter type automatic transmissions.

8. Smoother-G Cut Model
This fully automatic mechanical transmission brings automatic transmission function to tractors for the first time in Japan. Automatic shift and clutch operations from start to stop great reduce driver fatigue. Plus, with the 16-gear transmission ensuring detailed shifts into the optimum gear, there is minimal disparity in fuel economy between drivers. The result is fuel cost savings equivalent to having a veteran driver on board all the time.

This new-generation operation diagnosis system continues to earn stellar marks since its launch in January of this year, and has already been introduced by over 200 companies. Vehicles are equipped with a "MIMAMORI-KUN" monitoring unit to collect a wide range of driving operation information from the computer, which controls the engine. That data is regularly analyzed and diagnosed by Isuzu, with the results then supplied to the user as a "MIMAMORI Report." It is also possible to provide detailed operational advice to individual customers.

10. GALA HI-DECKER Highway Bus
The 8TD1 engine, which is renowned for its good fuel economy and high output, has been equipped with a catalytic converter in a move aimed at achieving even greater eco-friendly performance.
Standard equipment includes a lightweight permanent magnetic retarder, in a move aimed at enhancing safety and economy.

11. ERGA NON STEP type A
A route bus developed in response to the Traffic Barrier Free Act introduced in recent years, based on basic specifications for "non step" easy access buses drawn up by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Engineered for ready use as a route bus without adding any special options.
The "ERGA-VP (Value Package), a system which coordinates and integrates specifications treated separately up to now as a response to the differing needs of bus companies by region and other factors, is now featured in the ERGA route bus series.