Press Release

October 11,2002
Isuzu Motors Limited


Isuzu Motors Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction and exhibition of products and systems at the 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002 (Commercial Vehicles), scheduled to be held at the "Makuhari Messe" Nippon Convention Center in Chiba Prefecture, from October 30 (Wednesday) through November 3 (Sunday). The Isuzu theme for this event is "Performance of Reliability," with the company's booth designed to strategically accentuate the three keynote perspectives of "Environmental Performance," "Economic Advantages" and "Global Quality Standards." The display lineup will include 12 vehicles, including six special reference models, along with a design study exhibit developed as a stage model to illustrate what the future holds for commercial vehicles. For its engine technology displays, Isuzu will be showcasing eight fuel economy clean engines (including one reference exhibit). There will also be six examples of the automaker's cutting edge technology, highlighted by a continuous regenerating DPF (diesel particular filter), NOx catalyst and one other reference exhibit.

The following is a profile of what the Isuzu booth will present at this latest edition of the Tokyo Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles..

Environmental Performance

Based on the performance and reliability cultivated by Isuzu over the years, the automaker communicates its environmental-response technology from a unique perspective. At this Motor Show, Isuzu has chosen to display the following vehicles and technologies engineered to contribute to a more positive environmental scene.

"ELF KR Dry Van" - featuring cutting edge diesel engine technology
"ELF CNG" - realizing clean emissions gases and quiet performance
"ELF Hybrid" and "DME Diesel Engine" - illustrating the future image of commercial vehicles.
"Continuous regenerating DPF" and "NOx Catalyst" - emissions gas cleansing systems envisioned for use in the near future.

Economic Advantages

Isuzu uses this section of its booth to propose creative technology aimed at reducing vehicle "lifecycle costs." The displays feature vehicles and engineering that contribute to lowering the various costs resulting from commercial vehicle operation.

"Smoother Series" - an Isuzu original transmission lineup that lowers driver fatigue, fuel consumption and maintenance costs alike.
"GIGAMAX Air-suspension TRACTOR," "GIGAMAX Full air- suspension CARGO" and "FORWARDMAX Short-Cab" - vehicles that use 4-bag air suspension to effectively absorb cargo bed vibration and greatly reduce load shift and damage.
"MIMAMORI-KUN" - a new-generation driving diagnosis system built to analyze specific operating information, and supply data to improve fuel economy and promote safe driving.
"ERGA NON-STEP Bus Type A" - an Isuzu original standard specification bus, which not only complies with the Barrier Free Act but also generates benefits for business operators as well.

Global Quality Standards

Isuzu is determined to become the world's No. 1 power in diesel engines and commercial vehicles, and at this Tokyo Motor Show profiles distinctive products toward this end.

"TF series Pickup-Truck CREW CAB" and "TF series Pickup-Truck SPACE CAB" - Isuzu pickup trucks that excel on a vast range of work scenes around the world.
"TB series Utility-Vehicle" - an Isuzu multipurpose vehicle earning top marks for durability and freedom.
"4EE2," "6DE1" and "8GF1" - Isuzu diesel engines that have compiled good reputations in Europe and the U.S.

Besides these, Isuzu is presenting a 4-ton cab design study as a stage model exhibit, showcasing its vision of what the future holds for trucks.
ELF KR Dry Van GIGAMAX Full air-suspension CARGO 4EE2 Diesel Engine
Full air-suspension CARGO
4EE2 Diesel Engine

Profile of Major Exhibitions Display Summary
Environmental Performance
Economic Advantages
Global Quality Standards
FL-4 Design Study Model

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