Press Release

September 5, 2000
Isuzu Motors Limited

Isuzu Launched the All New Panther in Indonesia,
as the First Version of the Next-Generation, Multi-Purpose Vehicle
To be Sold Globally with GM

In Indonesia, Isuzu Motors Ltd. today released the all new Panther, a fully changed version of its multi purpose vehicle. In the future, in cooperation with General Motors Corporation (GM), this vehicle developed under code-name "the 160 Project (hereinafter the 160)", will be manufactured and sold by Isuzu and GM as a next-generation multi-purpose vehicle, mainly in developing countries.

In 1991, Isuzu began manufacturing and selling the Panther in Indonesia as an Asian Utility Vehicle(AUV). In 1997, the production and sales began in the Philippines. The Panther fulfills multiple purposes, from carrying passengers to hauling cargo, and with its moderate price, it has won a favorable reputation.

In this full-model change, the Panther's highly regarded economy and durability have been further strengthened; the luxury feel has been added by a new, clean, aerodynamic design; the roomy cargo space and passenger space have been preserved; and a seat arrangement can accommodate up to nine people. In addition, a powerful and clean direct-injection diesel is installed to increase the market competitiveness.

P.T. Pantja Motor, Isuzu's local assembler and distributor, assembles and sells the Panther. The production and sales goal for the current fiscal year is 28,000 units and 60,000 units for 2003.

The 160 has been developed for global developing markets as a low-priced, highly reliable, multi-purpose entry-level vehicle. Isuzu and GM have agreed to introduce it under both companies' brand names. At present, the two companies are conducting feasibility studies for introducing the 160 into various markets. Using their respective manufacturing facilities and the GM group's distribution and sales network, they intend to gradually introduce the 160 into those markets by means of a wide-ranging cooperative system in which, among other things, both companies use the same parts and components. Isuzu plans to introduce the model changes for the 160 into the Philippines next year.

The 160 Project was announced at the joint press conference of GM group held in Tokyo on October 22, 1999.

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