Press Release

January 11, 2000
Isuzu Motors Limited

ISUZU ELF Light Duty Truck Achieved No. 1 Share
in its Class in Domestic Market for 30 Consecutive Year

Isuzu Motors Ltd. (Isuzu) announced that the Elf, Isuzu's light duty commercial truck with 2-3 ton payload, has achieved the No.1 share for 30 consecutive years, beginning in 1970 in terms of the vehicle registration in the domestic market in its class(Source: The Japan Automobile Dealers Association and Isuzu Motors Ltd.). The number registered in 1999 was 37,262 units, accounting for 36.3% share of the market.

Since making its debut in 1959, the Isuzu Elf has consistently led the field in offering advanced technologies to meet the market requirements. In 1960, the Elf became the first light duty truck in Japan to be equipped with a diesel engine, while in 1973, it was the first in its class to come with a direct injection diesel. At present, when harmony with the global environment and resource conservation are of paramount concern, the current Elf engine features the latest low emission diesel technologies such as a new distributor-type high-pressure fuel injection system and EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system.

Isuzu has also constantly sought to improve the Elf from the driver's perspective, in terms of comfort and maneuverability. In 1974, we have introduced the Japan's first flat & low cargo-deck truck that enabled easier loading and unloading. The 1980 Elf had a wide cabin with an abundance of space in its lineup; and the 1990 came with an independent front suspension. Thus the Elf has consistently featured technology that has anticipated the competition.

In addition, the Elf has been the market's trend-setter in the areas of cab styling and body color. The blue body color adopted in 1968 has since come to be known as "Elf Blue" in the market, while the white exterior color introduced in 1984 has now become the standard color in this class.

Due to its extraordinary reliability, durability and maneuverability, the Elf has earned an excellent reputation not only in Japan, but also in overseas markets as the Isuzu N-series. In China, approximately 40,000 units are now being produced annually. The N-series styling has become the standard for the trucks of its class. In North America, approximately 25,000 units are sold annually under both Isuzu and GM brands. The cab tilt mechanism, which is not to be found in American trucks in its class, and an easiness to handle that is ideal for quick-turn capability for city deliveries. The Isuzu N-series has garnered No. 1 share among imported vehicles in its class(Class 3-4) for 14 consecutive years from 1986 to 1999 in USA.

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