Press Release

October 19, 1999

Isuzu 160 Project
- Next-Generation Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Isuzu Motors Ltd. is developing the next-generation Asian Utility Vehicle(AUV) under the code name 160 project. Isuzu is cooperating with General Motors on this new vehicle to seek new market opportunities beyond Asia.

Originally, the AUV was a multi-purpose, reasonably priced vehicle designed specifically for the Asian market to transport people and cargo. In 1991, Isuzu began manufacturing and selling the first AUV in Indonesia, and in 1997, the company started marketing the vehicle in the Philippines. They are among the best-selling AUVs in these countries

The 160 project offers a wide range of opportunities for Isuzu and GM to manufacture the multi-purpose vehicles of low cost and high reliability. More specifically, the 160 project provides us a business opportunity to leverage:
* Existing GM production facilities of Isuzu-based pick-ups in developing markets;
* Both Isuzu and GM's distribution and marketing systems and
* Commonization of components and parts with other joint development activities currently under way.

The 160 project AUV equipped with Isuzu's advanced diesel, which is positioned as a strategic, entry level multi-purpose vehicle, is expected to improve air pollution and to facilitate motorization in developing markets.

160 Project Outline
Marketing Areas : Developing markets around the world
Manufacturing Sites : Isuzu and GM production plants worldwide that manufacture Isuzu-based pickups, including Indonesia and the Philippines
Marketing Channels : Isuzu and GM
Product Features : * Appropriate vehicle size for markets
* Clean, aerodynamic styling
* Roomy interior for nine passengers
* Modern, attractive interior
* Environmentally friendly diesel with excellent fuel economy
* Low cost realized by parts commonization
Display Model Dimensions : 4,500 mm(length) x 1,730 mm(width) x 1,830 mm(height)

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