Earnings Release

Notice Regarding Share Repurchases (Repurchase of its own stock pursuant to provision of Articles of Incorporation under Paragraph 2, Article 165 of Companies Act of Japan)  (2014.05.12)
Notice of Acquisition of Own Shares  (2007.05.14)
Announcement on Change to Major Shareholder of the Company  (2006.10.4)
General Motors and Isuzu dissolve equity tie-up  (2006.4.11)
Isuzu Statement Regarding GM's sale of Isuzu shares  (2006.3.30)
Increase of Interests in Qingling Motors  (2005.6.27)
Completed Redemption of Isuzu Motors Limited 2nd Series Unsecured Convertible Bonds  (2005.6.17)
Dividend payment from subsidiaries  (2005.6.15)
Notification of the Call of Isuzu Motor Limited 2nd Series Unsecured Convertible Bonds  (2005.5.27)
Measures with regard to the Company's China Operations  (2005.5.20)
Dividend information (FYE March 2005)  (2005.4.28)
Isuzu concludes an agreement on a total of 300 billion yen worth of syndicated loan  (2005.2.16)
New amount of common stock and others  (2005.1.31)
Regarding Capital Reduction (with Retirement of Class-II Preferred Stock with Payment to the Shareholders, "Kabushiki Yusho Shokyaku")and Reduction in Capital Reserve  (2004.11.18)
Isuzu Consolidates Thai Companies, Reinforcing Local Operations  (2004.7.9)
Announcement on the Upward Adjustment of Isuzu Consolidated Financial Forecasts for the Fiscal Year to March 2004  (2004.5.20)
Isuzu Thai Unit Issues Bond in Thai Baht  (2004.4.8)
Announcement on the Sale of Fixed Asset (Kawasaki Plant)  (2004.3.24)
Announcement on the Sale of Fixed Asset  (2004.3.1)