Message from President

President and Representative Director Susumu Hosoi  On November 12th 2014, Isuzu Motors Limited made an announcement of the financial results of the cumulative 2nd quarter of the fiscal year 2014, and revision of the forecast of the full-year FY2014.

(Results of FY2014 Cumulative 2nd Quarter)

  The Japanese market saw a good growth in this fiscal year’s 2nd quarter due to the demand of the reconstruction activities and the economic stimulus package by the Japanese government. Meanwhile, the overseas market increased its sales volume, with the robust growth of the sales in ASEAN, the Middle East, and North America on the back of huge sales growth of pickup trucks in Thailand in the first quarter of this fiscal year, which more than offset declining demand in some other areas affected by economic slowdown in Europe and China.

  Regarding the financial results, due to the increase of the sales volume as stated above, the net sales amounted to 875.2 billion yen, an increase of 95.1 billion yen or 12.2%, which is the highest net sales Isuzu has posted for a cumulative 2nd quarter in its history. The operating income rose by 33.0 billion yen or 57.5% reaching 90.3 billion yen due to the effects of the increase of the sales volume, our continuation of efforts for cost reduction, and the depreciation of yen; furthermore, the ordinary income gained by 36.2 billion yen or 60.0% to 96.6 billion yen respectively year-on-year, and the net income increased by 14.7 billion yen or 35.0% to 56.8 billion yen. The Company posted the record profits for each income item.

(Forecast for full-year FY2014)

  Regarding one of our important markets, the domestic market is expected to stay firm with the continuing demand of reconstruction, and the Japanese government’s economic stimulus package. On the other hand, we are expecting that the sale of pickup trucks in Thailand will be negatively affected by the slowing down of the Thailand’s economy. Although some other markets are also expected to have some ups and downs, we are forecasting the revenue to increase, with net sales of 1,820.0 billion yen, operating income of 180.0billion yen, ordinary income of 190.0 billion yen, and the net income of 115.0 billion yen; aiming to break the past records in all income items for the two consecutive years.

  We are steadily pressing ahead with the policies and the challenges under our Mid-term business plan for expansion and growth: "Strengthening of Commercial Vehicle Sales in Emerging Countries", "Stabilization of Japanese Domestic Business", and "Strengthening and Expansion of LCV Business".

  We would greatly appreciate for your understanding and continuous support for Isuzu Motors Limited.

(November 12, 2013)