Supply Chain Management

Purchasing Basic Vision

Isuzu ensures satisfactory quality, delivery and quantity of purchased parts so that smooth production is achieved through our purchasing activity. We also help to provide a new technology through our purchasing activity in the market to contribute to profitability of the company.

Purchasing Basic Policy

  • With having the "quality" as the first priority, Isuzu seeks to create and offer products that would satisfy our customers.
  • Isuzu aims to procure domestic or overseas parts, under fair competition, if the parts are satisfactory in terms of quality, pricing and delivery.
  • Isuzu enhances corporate competitiveness while developing procurement scheme aiming to form win-win relationships with our business partners.

Purchasing Slogan

OPEN (Optimum Procurement to Embody the Needs). Isuzu aims to meet market needs and establish the optimum procurement route, while promoting reform of procurement.

* This is our purchasing slogan aiming to embody the image of reform and disseminate it inside and outside the company.Encourage change in purchasing activity to meet market needs and establish optimum procurement route.
Also, "OPEN" includes the meaning of "Openness in Procurement"

ISUZU Supplier CSR Guideline

"ISUZU Supplier CSR Guideline" (English), a summary of CSR requests to our business partners as well as Isuzu CSR activities, Corporate Vision, and Procurement Basic Vision, is now available. (October 2014)

This guideline was developed based on Supplier CSR Guideline issued by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. and CSR Guidebook by the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association.

Isuzu Green Procurement Guidelines

"Isuzu Green Procurement Guidelines" (Japanese), a summary of environmental requests to our business partners as classified by business activity as well as introduction of the Isuzu Charter on the Global Environment, is now available. (Last revised: October 2012)

Our business partners are expected to lead environmental initiatives along with the Isuzu Green Procurement Guidelines based on an understanding of the purposes.