Quality Initiatives

Isuzu puts forth the corporate vision, "Isuzu will always mean the best : A leader in transportation, commercial vehicles and diesel engines, supporting our customers and respecting the environment." as we consider this to be the principle behind all the measures we take for product quality, and it helps us to provide useful products and service to our customers.

Initiative Policy and System for Quality

By putting first priority on quality, we at Isuzu create products that bring satisfaction to our customers in a profound way, and our goal is to contribute to society as a company with a rich sense of humanity.

  • ・Policy for quality initiatives
  • ・System for quality initiatives
    (Quality management system, Total quality assurance system)

Quality Initiative Report

Isuzu introduces after the FY2014 initiatives.

  • ・Initiatives for higher product quality
    (Initiatives at the development stage, Initiatives at the manufacturing stage, Initiatives for higher field quality)
  • ・Initiatives for higher service quality
    (Service system, Parts supply system, Improvement of maintenance engineering, Customer support)
  • ・Initiatives for higher operation quality
    (Awareness and knowledge education for employees)