Awarding of the FY2017 Isuzu Group Energy-Saving Grand Prize and 3R Grand Prize

May 2018

The Isuzu Group Energy-Saving Grand Prizes & 3R Grand Prizes was established to recognize excellence in companies contributing to reduce environmental load in the manufacturing process and to encourage further improvements.
Manufacturing Division
These activities are centered on the Isuzu Group manufacturing divisions, with calls for activities for energy conservation activities or 3R-related improvement activities made broadly throughout the group and activities of excellence selected from among them.
In FY 2017, we awarded prizes for 10 examples of excellence for each of Energy-Saving and 3R activities from among the numerous entries we received.
We describe below the activities of the winners of the Energy-Saving Grand Prize from the Paint Group in the Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering Dept., Isuzu Motors Limited (Fujisawa City, Kanazawa) and the winners of the 3R Grand Prize from the Machining & Assembly Engineering Group in the Machining & Assembly Manufacturing Dept., at the Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (Tomakomai City, Hokkaido).

Energy-saving Grand Prize: "Reduction in amount of gas consumption by changing the conditions for PVC furnacing in the new painting process."
Paint Group in the Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering Dept., Isuzu Motors Limited

In the painting process, there is a process where PVC material is applied to soundproof the reverse of work floors or to coat the seams between panels and hardened in a PVC furnace.
The conventional equipment specifications involved operating the PVC furnace regardless of rises and falls in production volume, resulting in energy waste. Therefore, by revising processing conditions to operate in accordance with production volume while still maintaining quality, we were able to realize a large energy saving.

3R Grand Prize: "Improvement in reproduction rate of aluminum coolant by revising the method of reproduction."
Machining & Assembly Manufacturing Dept. at the Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (Tomakomai City, Hokkaido)

Coolant (soluble cutting oil) is essential to the production process but produces large volumes of waste liquid and has conventionally been recycled from the perspective of 3Rs. However, the performance of recycled coolant is reduced and at times results in processing defects and therefore we began activities to reproduce coolant instead of recycling it.
The key point for reproduction is to successfully separate out dirt from the coolant ingredients, to prevent conventional processing defects due to recycling and secure a level of coolant quality close to newly purchased coolant. By securing such a method, we were able to significantly reduce the volume of waste liquid and almost eliminate the waste coolant.

  • Energy-saving Grand Prize-winning team members(Isuzu Motors Limited)
  • 3R Grand Prize-winning team members(Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)