Christmas Cakes were Donated to Children's Facilities, etc.

December, 2017

Isuzu donates Christmas cakes each year to nurseries, kindergartens and children's facilities, etc. in the region each year.
In FY 2017 too, we donated Christmas cakes to the Omori, Fujisawa and Tochigi areas and delighted children and people in these areas.

Omori Head Office Donated a total of 550 cakes to 89 nurseries and welfare facilities.
Fujisawa area Donated a total of 830 cakes to 143 orphanages, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled in the Fujisawa area.
Tochigi area Donated a total of 340 cakes to 21 nurseries and kindergartens in the Tochigi area.
  • Scene from a donation ceremony
    (Tochigi area).
  • A donated Christmas cake
    (Fujisawa area).