2017 Isuzu Summer Festival Was Held

August, 2017

We held a summer festival at both the Isuzu Fujisawa and Tochigi Plants in August 2017.
The summer festival is held to show our gratitude to the local government and local residents of these areas for their day-to-day cooperation and to show our appreciation to our employees and their families.
Around 22,000 people attended the summer festival at the Fujisawa Plant and about 8,500 at the Tochigi Plant, and the local residents seemed to enjoy themselves.

Fujisawa Plant

At the Fujisawa Plant, a lively summer festival was held with elaborate displays, such as the Isuzu Manto Mikoshi and the DeuSEL® (biofuel) bus, and with a fireworks display as its finale.

  • Display of panels showing historical vehicles to commemorate the 80th anniversary of our establishment.
  • Display of the DeuSEL® biofuel bus, with Euglena Co., Ltd. (our DeuSEL® partner company)'s products on sale.
  • Isuzu Manto Mikoshi.
  • The fireworks display finale.

Tochigi Plant

At the Tochigi Plant, we planned various projects for people from the local area, our employees and their families enjoy themselves from our sense of gratitude, based on the theme of "Uniting as One to Express Our Appreciation to the Local Area, Our Employees and Their Families, Based on Our Love for the Local Area and for Our Families," and they seemed have a good time.

  • This year, local groups for people with disabilities ran refreshment stalls.
  • Cheerleading by the Cheerleading Club at Kokugakuin University.
  • Japanese drumming by the Japanese drum group, Kobugikai.
  • Launching 1,000 fireworks.