Environmental Report 2001

Isuzu's global business in the century of the enviroment

Yoshinori Ida - President and Representative Director Yoshinori Ida
President and Representative Director
Appointed as director in 1994. Appointed as managing director in 1999. Appointed as president in 2000. Motto: "Sekisei" (Sincerity Moves Heaven) by Kaishu Katsu.
Preservation of the Global Environment is Our Commitment
Isuzu has always given highest priority to preserve the global environment. Every citizen should be environmentally conscious, and so should corporate management. In light of global warming - the most urgent environmental issue at present - we all must achieve goals that we have set for ourselves.

Actions Leading the Time
Vehicles are internationally traded products so they must exhibit high performance under various conditions. High performances as well as meeting the customer's needs are necessary for gaining ground in the vehicle manufacturing industry. In the coming few years, very rigorous regulations for exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency will be in force in Europe, USA and Asia. It is essential for Isuzu to go one step ahead, such as marketing vehicles that comply with regulations in advance, and supplying products with environmental performance greater than expected regulatory values. We believe this is our responsibility as a vehicle manufacturer.

Isuzu's Worldwide Business Network
Isuzu has the world's most sophisticated diesel engine technologies and has four major production bases in Europe, the United States, Asia and Japan. We have an excellent line up of engines and are aiming to be No. 1 in the world in terms of both quality and quantity.

Contributing to Environmental Protection With Advanced Diesel Engine Technology
Diesel engines are highly appraised in Europe, but do not enjoy the same reputation in Japan. It should be noted, however, that diesel engines have a great potential for environmental protection. With ongoing technological innovations, diesel engines can change its reputation for their excellent fuel efficiency that enables 100 km driving with only three liters of fuel.

Is Diesel Only Misunderstood?
Vehicles emitting black smoke are rarely seen in Europe, whereas such often occur in Japan. There is a misunderstanding about diesel in Japan caused by traffic jams and poor car maintenance, as well as a lack of consciousness in black smoke until recent years.
We not only need to improve diesel-powered vehicles but also make further considerations about the efficient use of vehicles, such as resolving the traffic jams through governmental initiatives on road construction and maintenance. We also believe we should further promote the people's understanding about the excellent quality and performance of Isuzu's diesel engines, which are collecting awards in the overseas markets.

To Preserve Mother Nature For Future Generations
It is my regret to witness the destruction of nature, which did exist in the age of our generation. We must be careful what to preserve and what we must exploit. I enjoy mountaineering as a hobby, and we mountaineers are gentle to nature and do not litter or waste. If everybody lived with such a mindset, even the "zero emissions" goal would be within our reach.

Learning From Your Opinions and Comments
In this year's environmental report, we did our best to be as specific as possible in providing data. We will be happy if this report will help you deepen your understanding of diesel engines; your suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated.