Food drives carried out at all Isuzu offices

October, 2016

In October, designated as 3R Promotion Month*1, food drives*2 were carried out in the areas of Omori Head Office, Fujisawa and Tochigi.
Although it was the first such initiative at Isuzu, 36 people participated in the three areas and managed to collect 120 food items weighing a total of 29kg to give to the NPO Second Harvest*3.

*1 3R Promotion Month:
Every October, the Ministry of the Environment calls for understanding and cooperation on the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste materials) and promotes measures to create a recycling-oriented society.

*2 Food drive:
This is an activity to collect food items nearing their sell-by date from ordinary homes and donate them to regional welfare organizations and facilities via an NPO, reducing food waste and contributing to social welfare.

*3 NPO Second Harvest:
An organization that aims to create a food safety net in Japan, providing food to people in need and welfare facilities that support orphans, single mother families, etc.

  • Various food ingredients and food products collected by participants in each area