Promotion of domestic and overseas fuel-efficient driving seminars

CO2 is emitted the most during usage of the products in the course of a product life. Thus, Isuzu puts effort into hosting fuel-efficient driving seminars inside and outside Japan where participants learn how to drive in a fuel-efficient manner according to product driving performances.

14 countries, 192 sessions, 2,769 participants (FY2014 achievements)

These fuel-efficient driving seminars have been carried out continuously since 1995, and in FY2014 a total of 2,769 participants attended 192 sessions in 14 countries.

The fuel efficiency of normal driving is measured and then compared with the fuel efficiency of driving after taking the seminar for the method of fuel-efficient driving, and the difference (approximately 30% improved on average) is appreciable.

Fuel-efficient Driving Seminar (Japan)
Fuel-efficient Driving Seminar (overseas)

Future Initiatives

Isuzu is developing fuel-efficient engineering, and encourages fuel-efficient driving through the seminars as an effort to reduce CO2 generated from driving.