Environmental initiatives in logistics

On logistics routes, including transport of parts for vehicle production, the entire Isuzu group undertakes CO2 reduction by enhancing logistically efficient and fuel-efficient driving during transport.

Reducing CO2 through shorter transportation distances and fuel-efficient operations (Isuzu Linex Co., Ltd)

Isuzu Linex (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) which is engaged in the transport of parts and finished vehicles, has been reducing CO2 by:

  • ・Shortening transport distances after reviewing the transport routes of parts,
  • ・Promoting fuel-efficient driving during transport,
  • ・Increasing fleets through development of new sea routes, etc.
Truck transportation using automobile carrier

Load capacity improvement to reduce packaging material amounts after packaging format review (i-Pack co., Ltd)

i-Pack (Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa), which is engaged in the transport of assembly parts destined for overseas plants, reviewed transport packaging formats of KD parts for higher transportation efficiency.
This successfully reduced the amounts of packaging materials by making it possible to carry more parts in less space.

Amount reduced
-19.3 tons/year
(Converted to CO2:37.6 CO2 tons/year)
Packaging cabs and axle cases into one case. The cabs and axle cases were previously individually packaged.

Future Initiatives

Isuzu group will proceed our environmental activities including CO2 reduction and 3R promotion in various logistics situations.