Isuzu Group Energy-Saving & 3R Award

Isuzu calls for entries for the Isuzu Group Energy-Saving & 3R Award related to energy conservation activities or 3R-related improvement activities, mainly from the Manufacturing Division in group companies.
The award was established in FY2013 to recognize selected activities for their excellence.
In this award, among 50 entries from nine Isuzu Group companies, Isuzu Fujisawa Plant received the award for their maintenance-free coolant tank.

Award-winning "Maintenance-free coolant tank" by Isuzu Fujisawa plant

They have successfully accomplished a maintenance-free coolant tank by improving the method of collecting waste generated while griding automotive parts, such as by grinding powders or abrasive grains mixed in coolant (cutting fluid).

Not only has the tank improved the work efficiency and the grinding quality, but also it made it possible to sort waste that had been treated as industrial wastes, but can now be turned into valuable resources to sell.

Future Initiatives

In addition to the award-winning activity, all of the award entries are shared and horizontally applied across the Isuzu Group. This is in the aim of further stimulating the group's environmental activities.