FY2016 Fundraising Activities: TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) Program, "With Second-hand Books! Children's Forest Project Support," and Eco Cap Activity

June, 2017

Isuzu will look at the results of Isuzu's different fundraising activities for FY2016.

TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) Program (FY2016)

Every time an employee at Isuzu orders something from the "Healthy Menu" at the employee cafeteria, or a "Healthy Drink" from the cafe, 10 JPY is collected. Isuzu matches this with another 10 JPY, making a total of 20 JPY. Combined with collections from donation boxes in stores and so forth, this money is used to provide school meals for children in developing countries through NPO "Table For Two international".

・FY2016 Results (Figures in parentheses indicate figures for FY2015)
Area School Meals Provided
(Equivalent value)
Omori Head Office 12,449
Fujisawa 4,706
Tochigi 1,585
Total 18,740 (10,973)

* Donations to the TFT program are used to supply school meals to children suffering from famine and poverty in Africa and other developing regions, which in turn leads to increased school attendance and improved academic results.

* The program is currently being implemented in seven countries—Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Myanmar, and the Philippines—all of which are countries to which Isuzu vehicles are exported.

"With Second-hand Books! Children's Forest Project Support" (FY2016)

"With Second-hand Books! Children's Forest Project Support" is Public Interest Incorporated group corporation "OISCA"'s program that supports initiatives in which children plant and care for trees in their schools and local communities themselves. This helps to instill in children an awareness of the importance of greenery and a love of nature. In this project, Isuzu employees donate used books and so forth, and their purchase value is then donated to the "Children's Forest" project.

・FY2016 Results
Area Used books, etc. donated
Omori Head Office 727
Fujisawa 3,196
Tochigi 105
Total 4,028

* The "Children's Forest" project is currently active in 36 countries, most of which are countries in which Isuzu operates.

* The project was started at the Omori Head Office area in November 2015, and in the Fujisawa and Tochigi areas in April 2016.

Eco Cap Activity (FY2016)

The Eco Cap Activity uses bottle caps provided and collected by Isuzu employees to fund Polio vaccines for children in developing countries, and to fund social action programs at elementary schools in Kanagawa Prefecture.

・FY2016 Results (Figures in parentheses indicate figures for FY2015)
Area Bottle caps collected Notes
Omori Head Office 79,000 Donations to disaster areas in Tohoku and Kumamoto through social action programs run by elementary schools
Fujisawa 816,240 Provided Polio vaccines for 1,632 people* through NPO corporations
Tochigi 284,542 Provided Polio vaccines for 569 people* through NPO corporations
Total 1,179,782

* Calculations are based on 500 caps equaling one Polio vaccine.