Activities to Keep Alive Memories of 311

March, 2017

Six years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, as our thoughts turn to the disaster areas that still need various forms of support and to March 11, which reconfirmed for us the "importance of relationships and forming bonds," we engaged in efforts to keep us from forgetting our awareness and memories of the earthquake disaster.

Going forward, Isuzu will continue to support disaster areas by doing "the things that only Isuzu can do."

* March 11 is Tsunagaru (Connect) Day: Launched by the NPO ETIC., which serves as the secretariat for Michinoku Revival Partners, this is a project aimed at sustaining support for the areas affected by the earthquake disaster.

* Michinoku Revival Partners: A consortium formed by corporations from different industries who utilize their respective businesses to collaborate and provide support for disaster areas.

  • "March 11 is Tsunagaru Day" poster displayed at all Isuzu offices
  • A creative "Tohoku support menu," which includes ingredients from the disaster area, at all Isuzu office cafeterias has connected around 750 employees with the Tohoku region