Implemented the “Isuzu Itadakimasu (“Let's Eat!”) with 4,000 People! Campaign”

November, 2016

To coincide with World Food Day on October 16, established by the UN to bring attention to the problem of food shortages around the world, Isuzu carried out its own Isuzu Itadakimasu (Let’s Eat!) with 4,000 People! Campaign from October 11 to November 30 aimed at helping children in Africa and Asia who are suffering from poverty and hunger.

A total of 4,836 employees across all Isuzu offices participated in the campaign.

A special campaign menu including a Tohoku Variety! 2-Type Rice Ball Set was prepared using local specialties of the six prefectures in the Tohoku region, thereby also supporting disaster-stricken areas in the region.

Also provided were daily special Bicho Mini-Rice Balls made with high-fiber ingredients effective for maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.

[Results of initiative]
Item Target Result
The number of participants 4,000 4,836
  • Tohoku Variety! 2-Type Rice Ball Set made with specialties from Tohoku’s six prefectures
  • Various Bicho Mini-Rice Balls including edamame, corn, etc.