DeuSEL® Bus Used at Event just before G7 Transport Ministers' Meeting


The Eco Car Festa in Karuizawa was held at Karuizawa in Kitasaku, Nagano Prefecture on September 4, just ahead of the G7 Transport Ministers' Meeting being held at the same town from September 23-25.

This event was sponsored by the Nagano Promotion Council, which is promoting the Transport Ministers' Meeting, along with the Karuizawa Town Meeting and the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles. About 2,800 people visited the venue, which included exhibits and test rides of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, compact electric cars, and so on.

Isuzu and euglena Co., Ltd. operated a DeuSEL® bus as a shuttle between the venue and Karuizawa Station. Inside the bus, many passengers were interested to hear Isuzu staff explaining about euglena and DeuSEL®, and said that they hoped such buses would become more common.

DeuSEL® bus operating as a shuttle between the venue and Karuizawa Station
  • Children allowed to sit in the driver's seat and made to feel like a bus driver
  • Many people also visited DeuSEL® booth set up at the venue