Grand Prize Received in Menu Division of Second TABLE FOR TWO General Election


The Grand Prize was received in the Menu Division by Aim Services Co., Ltd. and Isuzu Motors at the Second TABLE FOR TWO General Election, which was hosted by NPO TABLE FOR TWO International*1 at its TFT activities report meeting on July 7, 2016.

The "general elections" were held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, and CSR representatives from the companies that have introduced the TFT Program*2 took part by voting in the Menu Division, and the PR Division, which uses public relations activities as the basis for granting the awards.

The Grand Prize-winning menu was the healthy set menu of "Miso yaki-onigiri with germinated brown rice" provided for the "Isuzu Itadakimasu ("Let's Eat!") with 3,000 People! Campaign"*3 held alongside World Food Day in October 2015. The dish won the most votes of the 35 entries in the Menu Division, and was awarded the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize-winning "Miso yaki-onigiri germinated brown rice" set menu
This dish can also be eaten chazuke-style by soaking the lovingly made yaki-onigiri rice in the well-seasoned soup, giving you twice the enjoyment!

*1 NPO TABLE FOR TWO International ( established in October 2007. As an organization that seeks to tackle global food problems, it works to resolve the issues of hunger in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in developed countries at the same time, with a focus on providing support for school meals in developing countries.

*2 Isuzu Motors has introduced a TFT Program at all workplaces, whereby if employees use eligible menus (including healthy menus) or give donations, the companies uses a matching gift to top up the amount, and the total amount is donated to pay for children's school meals in developing countries.

*3 In the current fiscal year, we plan to increase the targeted number of users in the "Isuzu Itadakimasu ("Let's Eat!") with 4,000 People! Campaign." This was launched in October 2016 with a higher user target than last year.

We received the prize certificate from the TABLE FOR TWO International secretariat at Isuzu Motors Head Office (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo).