Participation in the 9th “Mt. Fuji Forestation Project”

May, 2016

On May 28, a total of 78 people from Isuzu Headquarters, Fujisawa area and Tochigi area participated in the 9th “Mt. Fuji Forestation Project.”
This project aims to restore the forests of Mt. Fuji so that they have a diversity of plant species and a robust ecosystem, and Isuzu has been involved since 2008.

On the day, the participants worked for about 1.5 hours planting 240 trees at an elevation of around 1,600 m. Working on the slopes was tough, but the faces of the participants at the end of their work showed not only moderate fatigue but also a deep sense of achievement having engaged with the natural environment of Mt. Fuji.

They prepared fully with warm-up exercises before starting to work
  • Children and adults alike enjoyed planting trees, inspired by Mt. Fuji’s occasional pleasant breeze