Support for truck operations in affected areas using historical operational data


In order to support the operations of large- and small-sized trucks in the affected areas of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, Isuzu has provided the incorporated NPO ITS Japan with historical operational data based on Mimamori data, which has been released online in the form of operation maps.

This has enabled things such as the securing of routes for the delivery of relief goods and the confirmation of evacuation centers depending on operation routes.

* The operation map finished an exhibition in the beginning of May, 2016.

* The incorporated NPO ITS Japan: Established in January 1994 in order to promote R&D and practical applications in the field of ITS (intelligent transport systems: the concept of improving transportation in terms of safety, environment and convenience by building a system that integrates humans, roads and automobiles using the latest information and communication technologies and so on). The organization changed to its current name in June 2001.

Operation map on Web