All Isuzu Offices Participate in the “With Second-hand Books! Children's Forest Project Support”

April, 2016

Following up on the “With Second-hand Books! Children's Forest Project Support*1” in the Omori Headquarters*2, Isuzu has also started this project in the Fujisawa Area and Tochigi Area.

Isuzu collects old books and other books from employees at all its offices and turns them into donation money to support the “Children’s Forest” Project.

  • *1 This project, sponsored by “the NGO OISCA,” donates old books to support activities where children plant and raise trees at their school and in their region in order to foster children's “value and love nature.”
    • ・For details about “Children's Forest” Project (the NGO OISCA)(
    • ・Countries where “Children's Forest” Project is being developed: 35 countries as of March 2015 (Including Japan, China, Thailand and Indonesia, most of these are markets where Isuzu has developed businesses.)
  • *2 Introduced in the Omori Headquarters in November 2015
Collection box set up in the workplace
(Omori Headquarters: above, Fujisawa Area: below)