Held “ISUZU Truck Traffic Safety Class”

November, 2015

On November 27th, sixth grade students from the Mukawa Central Elementary School (Mukawa town, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido) were invited to nearby WAcom Hokkaido Co. Ltd (Mukawa town, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido). for an “ISUZU Truck Traffic Safety Class.”

This class aimed to “prevent children from being involved in traffic accidents with trucks.” WAcom became instructors for the day, offering quizzes about “getting caught under trucks when they turn due to the turning radius differential” and “the role of mirrors and the blind spot,” helping the children think about “trucks and traffic safety.”

Children sat in the driver’s seat of new GIGA models and experienced the blind spot for themselves. They gave us a lot of feedback, saying that they understood that “it’s important to think about the space next to trucks when they turn and about the blind spot,” and that “they learned a lot.”

* Isuzu is planning to hold this event again in the disaster areas of Tohoku where many trucks are being used in restoration efforts.

A blind spot quiz in the new GIGA.
Which cannot be seen from the driver’s seat?
Experience the changes in distance of inner wheels when making a turn at an intersection.
Will a truck of this length hit the pole? Or not?