Isuzu held a special class about the DeuSEL® Project at elementary school.

November, 2015

The visiting lecture was held on November 19th with three classes of the fifth grader at Sakado Elementary School in Kawasaki, Japan.
It was held a second time in January of this year at Kozan Junior High School. On this occasion Isuzu brought the DeuSEL® bus in cooperation with project partner Euglena Co., Ltd.

The children took notes as they listened to the presentation attentively, and shouts of joy resounded throughout the DeuSEL® bus when they had a chance to ride around in it.

Their homeroom teachers also offered words of praise, saying, “As a class on environmental education it was beneficial and very easy to understand.”

A view of the visiting lecture
  • There was no end to questions, even during break time.
  • Much excitement about the DeuSEL® bus.