Participation in the Mt. Fuji Forestation Project

September, 2014

Since 2008, Isuzu has been participating in a project to replenish the forest located around the second station of Mt. Fuji, where damages by pests have devastated the forest.

FY2014 Activity

Mt. Fuji has been registered as a World Heritage Site since 2013. The project activity takes place in part of the registered section.
The registration increased the significance of the activity, and in FY2014, there was an internal call for more participation and the scale of the activity grew, with 62 employees and their family members participating in the activity on September 6th.

Installing Netting Fences on 570 Nursery Trees

Before beginning the work, there was a lecture on the background and significance of the activity by the secretariat of the Mt. Fuji Forestation Project (the non-profit organization OISCA: the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International).

After deepening their understanding of the activity, the participants installed netting fences on approximately 570 nursery trees around the altitude of 1,600m to protect them from deer.

Learning the significance of the activity
Trying hard to install netting fences with unaccustomed hands

Future Initiatives

Isuzu continuously panticipates in the Mt. Fuji Forestation Project. We strive to help maintain the value of the mountain suitable for the world heritage name and protect the value for future generations.