Introduction of the TFT Program

Since April, 2014

In April 2014, the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program kicked off in the employee cafeteria and the cafe area of Isuzu Omori Headquarters with the purpose of making it easier for employees to contribute to society while enjoying healthy food.

How the TFT Program works

The program allows Isuzu employees to donate 10 yen whenever they purchase healthy menu items in the employee cafeteria or healthy drinks in the cafe area. Isuzu then adds 10 yen to the employee donation, and the total donation of 20 yen is used to supply school meals to children in developing countries.

* Countries supported by the incorporated non-profit organization, TABLE FOR TWO International's TFT program:
(1) Uganda, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Kenya, (4) Tanzania,
(5) Rwanda, (6) Myanmar, (7) Philippines

Making social contributions in Isuzu cafeteria

FY2014 initiative

The initiative successfully supplied school meals for 13,660 children in FY2014.

Furthermore, there took place the Isuzu Itadakimasu ("Let's Eat!") with 2,000 People! Campaign took place along with the UN World Food Day.

Additionally, in February 2015, the cafe area started selling the Euglena Latte, a healthy drink made of products by Euglena, our partner in the DeuSEL® Project to spread the TFT program.

Euglena latte

Future Initiatives

The TFT program is scheduled to launch at both the Isuzu Fujisawa Plant and the Tochigi Plant.