Protecting Customer Vehicles during Floods

Since July, 2014

In July 2014, Isuzu, Isuzu Motors Sales Ltd., and Isuzu domestic dealers tied up and launched a new activity to help ensure the safety of our customers during floods and protect their vehicles from further damages.


Based on experiences in the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters, Isuzu offers inspection and repair services for vehicles that have been submerged.
In recent years, different regions of Japan have seen frequent damages from sudden heavy rains or powerful typhoons, and so the Isuzu Group has determined to strengthen its response to flood damages.

About the activity

The team prepared a manual that describes initial response actions to take during a flood. It helps the dealers to instruct their customers to take quick and appropriate actions if their vehicles become submerged.
Moreover, this new scheme can support Isuzu dealers by sending out disaster information such as flood alerts and river overflows.


To respond to customer needs, Isuzu dealers ensure the safety of customers in the event of a disaster and that they take actions to protect customer vehicles from further damages such as vehicle fires or engine damage.