Joint activities with Michinoku Revival Partners

Since March, 2014

Isuzu joined the Michinoku*1 Revival Partners (hereinafter, "Partners") in March 2014 to carry on continuous relief in the disaster areas.

The Partners are a corporate consortium*2 with multiple corporations from different industries united with the intention of providing support to the disaster areas.

*1 Michinoku: Tohoku area in Japan, an earthquake-devastated district by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

*2 The secretariat for this project is the non-profit organization ETIC. As of March 2015, it has drawn Isuzu and five companies beyond industry borders to participate (Kao Corporation, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., Dentsu Inc., Toshiba Corporation, and Benesse Holdings, Inc.).

Major joint achievements

  • ・ Sent employees to participate in a variety of relief activities in the disaster areas hosted by the Partners.
  • ・ Supported groups in the disaster areas through business activities such as purchasing hospitality gifts from the Partners' supporting member groups to distribute at internal events.
  • ・ Held the "Isuzu Monozukuri Hands-on Workshops" jointly with the groups to support children in the disaster areas.

311 "Day for Tsunagaru (Connect)" Project

ETIC, the NPO acting as secretariat for the Partners, launched this project so that relief for the disaster areas wouldn't be forgotten. ETIC says "Triggered by the 3 11 earthquake disaster, let's leave that we opened in Japan while rolling up the world in positive form. This should be recognized for years as it concerns everyone." The members agreed with this call to action, and the project was established.

Isuzu has supported this message and encourages those in the company to think about connections between people.

On March 22, an event was held in Tokyo's Hibiya Park for people to experience these connections: "Tsunagaru (Connect)."

Future Initiatives

Isuzu hopes for the Partners activities to act as a gear in a social movement rather than as a limited or single movement, in order to stimulate industries and employment in many more regions.