Continued Volunteer Activities in the Disaster Areas
(Isuzu Motor Syutoken Co., Ltd.)

Since May, 2011

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Isuzu Motor Syutoken (Koto-ward, Tokyo) has been sending a rotating group of four volunteers to various regions of Miyagi Prefecture every week since May 2011.
So far, a total of 237 employees have participated over a total of 827 work days (as of March 2015).

Regions and activities

Their initial work was to treat polluted mud and building wreckage in Iwanuma City in Miyagi. After that, they worked in Kesennuma City and Minami-Sanriku Town.
Through a local volunteer center, they are volunteering to fill needs in the disaster areas, such as labor shortages in the fisheries and agriculture industries.

This activities also affects the development of human assets among the employees.

These volunteer activities serve as incredible experiences and help to develop human assets among the employees. These activities have an important meaning.

Future Initiatives

Isuzu Motor Syutoken again calls for employees to continue participating in the activities to support the restoration of the disaster areas.
These activities have received recognition and were chosen for an award by the Miyagi governor and Miyagi Council of Social Welfare in 2012.