Participated in the Shonan Beach Gomizero (Zero Trash) Cleanup Campaign

May, 2017

Fujisawa-city and the Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation hosted the Shonan Beach "Gomizero (Zero Trash) Cleanup Campaign" on May 28. Over 270 volunteers (the record-high number), including employees and their family members of Isuzu Fujisawa Plant (Fujisawa-city Kanagawa) and its affiliated companies participated in the event.

This campaign started in 2000 has been supported by residents' associations and corporations inFujisawa-city.
A grand total of 5,300 people (100 groups) participated and a total of 1.4 tons of trash was removed from the Katase beach and Kugenuma beach.

Employees and their families from Isuzu Fujisawa Plant and affiliated companies

Cleanup event held under clear sky in Katase Higashihama beach