Isuzu Monozukuri Hands-On Workshop (Design Class) Held in the "2017 Fujisawa Industry Festival"

May, 2017

On May 27, Isuzu held a monozukuri hands-on workshop (design class) during "2017 Fujisawa Industry Festival" hosted by the Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The purpose of this event is to showcase the collection of products and produce from Fujisawa-city to visitors from in and outside the city. The design class was held as one of the featured events.

40 kids and their parents joined the event. Each kid designed "one of a kind truck" with his or her own inspiration.

  • A wide variety of trucks – shiny ones and cutie ones!
  • The apron-wearing Isuzu supporting staff – just as serious as the kids!
  • Fathers and mothers saying "We've never seen our child so engrossed!" were discovering talent in them. It allowed the children to tap into the new world. They enjoyed having their proud trucks run on a mini course.