Cosponsored Kanagawa Phil. "Orchestra Factory" at Elementary Schools nearby Fujisawa Plant

February, 2017

Isuzu sponsored the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra's "Orchestra Factory" sessions at two municipal schools located in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture: Mutsuai Elementary School (on January 17th) and Chogo Elementary School (on February 9th.)

These sessions, which have been held now for three years running, offer the opportunity for children at elementary schools near the Fujisawa Plant to learn through first-hand musical experiences, with the goal of inspiring creativity and broadening perspectives.

This year, the sessions were able to reach a total of around 2,100 children from the two schools.

*Orchestra Factory:By listening to and participating in a live orchestra performance, children are able to experience for themselves a large group of people coming together as one to create something wonderful—in this case, music. The idea is to have them see this as similar to the creation process at a factory.

  • The children were able to experience a powerful orchestra performance first-hand, and perform along with the orchestra using instruments they are familiar with. (Left: Mutsuai Elementary School, Right: Chogo Elementary School)
    In addition, the children sang the school song, and an original composition written by them and the teachers, backed by the orchestra. Hopefully, this will have been an experience that they treasure for years to come.
  • The instruments used in the orchestra being introduced. The children are fascinated by the sounds of these instruments, which they do not usually have a chance to see or hear.