On-site facilities provided for regional driver training and local city event (WAcom Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)

October, 2016

WAcom Hokkaido (Mukawa town, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido) provided its on-site vehicle test course facilities, which are used for performance and durability testing of vehicles, for driver training run by regional trucking associations and for the Mukawa Shishamo Family Ekiden Race, a traditional event held by the town of Mukawa, and thus contributed to the activities of the regional community.

Regional trucking association driver training

On October 1, as part of the safe driving training classes organized by the Muroran Trucking Association, WAcom Hokkaido gave winter road safety driving classes using its low friction test roads. For the twenty association members taking part on the day, the low friction test course gave them a real taste of driving on snowy and icy road surfaces.

Actually experiencing slippery road surfaces on the low friction test course

2016 Mukawa Shishamo Family Ekiden Race

The 2016 Mukawa Shishamo Family Ekiden Race, organized by the town of Mukawa in Hokkaido, took place on October 16 at WAcom Hokkaido's 4.4km test course.
This year was the 13th time for the event to be held, and the 1,300 or so runners worked up a good sweat in the fresh breeze and under a clear autumn sky.

The president of WAcom Hokkaido got the race under way