Isuzu Summer Festivals 2016


Both Fujisawa Plant and Tochigi Plant held their summer festivals in August 2016.
The festivals were intended to show appreciation to the employees and their family members for their hard work, as well as to the local government and community for their day-to-day cooperation.

Fujisawa Plant welcomed approximately 23,000 visitors and Tochigi Plant approximately 7,000. The local residents also enjoyed the festivals.

Fujisawa Plant

At the Fujisawa Plant, the Summer Festival contained elaborate events such as "Mikoshi" (portable shrine) parade and the DeuSEL bus display, helping to create an exciting festival. The festival had a lively atmosphere through to the closing fireworks display.

  • The magnificent Mikoshi
  • The DeuSEL bus was very popular among members of the local community
  • Children enjoyed the mini-SL and the air slide in a specially prepared site
  • The many visitors to the festival contributed to a lively atmosphere throughout the evening

Supporting disaster-affected areas by selling local products from Tohoku and Kumamoto

A special sales booth was set up at the festival to sell local products from Tohoku and Kumamoto in order to support disaster-affected areas.

  • Supporting for Tohoku booth (left) and Kumamoto booth (right) Many participants had the interest and made cooperation of support.

Tochigi Plant

The theme of the Summer Festival at the Tochigi Plant was "Love Your Community, Love Your Family - Thanking Our Community, Families and Employees with One Heart." A variety of fun events were put on as a way of saying thank you to members of the local community, our employees, and family members.

  • A variety of events were put on, including: Japanese drumming by Kobugikai (top left); cheerleading by Kokugakuin University Tochigi High School cheerleading club (top right); a soba-making experience (bottom left); and a Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger show (bottom right)
  • Isuzu employees from various workplaces also enjoyed the festival with family members.
  • Forty-nine children from local nurseries were invited to a tour of working vehicles. The children were delighted to be able to sit in the drivers' seats of vehicles they cannot normally ride, such as fire engines and large trucks.