Driver training courses held for regional truck drivers

July, 2016

WAcom Hokkaido (Mukawa-cho, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido) provides its on-site facilities and instructors for trailer safety driving classes and winter road safety driving classes run annually by regional trucking associations.

This year, they conducted “safety and vehicle configuration classes” and an “experience of trailer jackknifing and rollover using an actual truck” for the Muroran Trucking Association (in Muroran-shi, Hokkaido, July 9-10) and Sapporo Trucking Association (in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, July 16).

This training was aimed at raising drivers’ awareness of safety by teaching them how vehicles are configured and actually behave. Participants commented that learning about the configuration and mechanism of tractor-trailers and experiencing a real jackknifing and rollover renewed our awareness of the risks and the importance of driving safely.

This October, winter road safety driving classes using low friction test roads are scheduled.

  • Classroom scene, learning about safe driving and vehicle configuration
  • Learning through self-experience what kind of driving causes the phenomena of jackknifing (left) and rollover (right)

*Jackknifing: The phenomenon of a tractor and trailer (or semi-trailer) swiveling into a V-shape, resembling the shape of a folding jackknife, when the driver brakes hard or steers sharply on a slippery road surface.

*Rollover: The severe listing, toppling or overturning of a tractor and trailer (or semi-trailer) that is unevenly loaded etc. when the driver steers sharply.