Educational engines donated to high schools and vocational schools in Yamagata Prefecture

June, 2016

Yamagata Isuzu Motors, Isuzu Motors Sales, Isuzu Automobile Dealers Association and Isuzu Motors donated one common-rail engine and engine stand each to Yamagata Meisei High School (Yamagata City), Haguro High School (Tsuruoka, Yamagata) and Yamagata Vocational Skills Development Institute (Yamagata City).

It is hoped that exposing the pupils to the very latest engine technologies will help to nurture competent engineers in the future. “We are extremely grateful for such a valuable educational tool,” said Mr. Satoh, principal of Yamagata Meisei High School.

  • Engine and engine stand donation ceremonies (Left: Yamagata Meisei High School, Right: Haguro High School)