Isuzu Motors Kinki’s Akashi branch held neighborhood event

April, 2016

Isuzu Motors Kinki Co., Ltd. (in Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan) invited people living around its newly built Akashi branch (in Kobe, Hyogo) to visit its service plant and facilities at a pre-opening event on April 28.

The children taking part felt just like mechanics wearing their child size Isuzu overalls. They toured the various facilities of the service plant and also got to see some Giga and Forward trucks up close, which they would never normally be able to do.

The following comments from the participants show how well received the event was: “We are really grateful. This was a great experience for the children.” “Whenever our children see a truck in the street, they call out Isuzu! Isuzu!” “The Isuzu tour was great. Thank you.” “We look forward to being neighbors in future, too.”

Neighboring residents who participated in the event
  • Touring the plant facilities wearing Isuzu HaKoBu limited-edition child size overalls. The moving floor lift and water gushing from the car wash caused excitement
  • Happily sitting in the driver’s seat of the new Giga
  • After the tour, the Akashi branch staff opened a refreshment booth providing cotton candy etc.