Environmental Education at an Elementary School

February, 2016

Isuzu received a request from Wako Elementary School in Eniwa City, Hokkaido asking if “Isuzu would comment on the pictures that students drew on the theme of ‘cars that are gentle to the Earth, cars that are safe.'” On February 26, Isuzu visited the school and gave a class there on environmental education.

On this day, around 150 children from four 5th grade classes participated. In addition to commenting on the children's drawings, we also introduced “Isuzu Motor's efforts to preserve the environment.” We also brought in a Isuzu hybrid bus from WAcom Hokkaido Co., Ltd. .(Mukawa town, Yufutsu-Gun, Hokkaido) and had students actually ride it.

The students were fascinated by the hybrid bus and also by the design images of the DeuSEL® truck of the future that runs on the euglena (Japanese: midorimushi), both of which were quite new for them to see. They were also very happy to receive the comments that we attached to their drawings.

Isuzu truck designers reviewed the students' pictures
Isuzu returned the students' pictures with comments on their ideas from professionals
Under heavy falling snow, students were excited to hear about the Isuzu hybrid bus and also to experience riding the actual vehicle
The “DeuSEL® truck of the future” was the most popular