Contributing to the Region with an Event Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of IMEX's Founding (Mexico)


In 2015, Isuzu Mexico (Isuzu Motors Mexico S. de. R.L.: IMEX below) celebrated the tenth anniversary of its founding. As a commemorative event expressing our appreciation to Mexican society, IMEX held a caravan event to support the disadvantaged, “La Caravana ISUZU Va Por México 2015” (Isuzu Mexico Charity Caravan Tour 2015).

IMEX asked the schools and children's facilities of each region in Mexico what materials they needed and procured items such as desks, play equipment and food supplies from Isuzu user corporations and delivered them to each region in Mexico over a period of four months.

We were welcomed in each region of the country.
  • The launching ceremony of our caravan event.
  • IMEX employees directly delivered materials.