Participation in 2014 Fujisawa Industry Festa

May, 2014

Isuzu joined the 2014 Fujisawa Industry Festa hosted by the Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (execution committee) on both May 24 and 25, 2014.
This event provides internal and external parties with an extensive introduction to Fujisawa City's industrial and commercial products and demonstrates the industrial power of the city through interaction and exchange with the citizens. It has been held since 2000 and this year, it welcomed 58,000 visitors.

About the exhibition

Isuzu exhibited an ELF CNG vehicle, which is powered by compressed natural gas. This showcase is helpful in introducing its corporate initiatives on global warming prevention (CO2 reduction) to people in the community.

Isuzu is the only domestic truck manufacturer that products and sells CNG trucks and buses in Japan, and sales of ELF have exceeded 14,000 units in total.
In the exhibition corner for an ELF, many children and their parents visited. It was as an opportunity for them to learn about the features of the cleanest CNG vehicle even among other low emission vehicles.

An interested visitor touching the CNG tank
Children enjoying being drivers

Future Initiatives

Isuzu will continue to introduce its environmental initiatives on various occasions to provide better understanding to many more people.