Office Greening and Cleanup Activity in Neighborhood Streets
(Tochigi Isuzu Motors Limited.)

Tochigi Isuzu Motors (Utsunomiya City, Tochigi) wants to preserve the environment. As a preservation initiative, the company promotes greening in the headquarters site and all offices in Tochigi. Also, the headquarters building was constructed to be visually harmonious with the scenery of the community, and the employees are conducting street cleaning around the company.


The headquarters building is visually harmonious with the community scenery.

The appearance of the headquarters building was designed to be harmonious with the scenery of the community. 

The headquarters building received the 2006 Machinami Scenery Award.

Promoting greening in the headquarters and all offices in Tochigi

Promoting greening in the site and those are open to the community.

The green fields on the site are open to the community as an oasis.

Neighborhood street cleaning

The company has been conducting year-round cleanup activities on neighboring roads and has been recognized with appreciative words from people in the community.

During the season of strong northern winds, all employees come out every morning to clean fallen leaves so that they don't ruin the local scenery.

Cleanup activities on neighboring roads

Future Initiatives

Tochigi Isuzu Motors will continue to conduct various initiatives to preserve the environment.