Other Initiatives

Plant tours for neighborhood elementary schools and residential association members

The tours are offered and large numbers of people are invited in the hope that they can learn about different operation processes of the production sites up to the truck completion as well as the plant's environmental activities.

[FY2014 Achievements]
Elementary schools from Fujisawa City, Ayase City and other cities. Approximately 3,200 students from 39 schools
Residential associations Approximately 100 members from 6 residential associations
Chamber of Living Environments Approximately 20 members from Kugenuma, Fujisawa City

Cleanup activities near Isuzu plants

Employees of the plant and other related on-site companies implement cleanup activities around the plants and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

[FY2014 Achievements]
Fujisawa Plant 1,520 participants
Tochigi Plant 120 participants

Gifts of Christmas cakes to institutions for children

Isuzu donates Christmas cakes to welfare facilities and nurseries every year.

[FY2014 Achievements]
Headquarters Offered 550 cakes to 80 nurseries and welfare facilities in Shinagawa Ward
Fujisawa Plant Offered 600 cakes to 131 welfare facilities in Fujisawa City
Tochigi Plant Offered 345 cakes to 26 public kindergartens and nurseries in Tochigi City
Thank you message from the institutions

Cooperation in anti-crime activities

Isuzu headquarters participates in the Blue Light Security Patrol to contribute to building a safe neighborhood as a member of the Oi Security Association (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo). Members of the General Affairs & HR Departments have attended the patrol around the headquarters once a month since 2006.
Based on the principle of protecting our community on our own, this activity is carried out by volunteers. The local neighborhood association and member corporations share the tasks of conducting the patrol mainly around parks, schools, and back streets in residential areas, and play a part in reducing crime.