Participation in Shonan Beach Gomizero (Zero Trash) Cleanup Campaign

May, 2014

The Shonan Beach Gomizero (Zero Trash) Cleanup Campaign is hosted by Fujisawa City and the Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation. Isuzu Fujisawa Plant has been participating this campaign since 2009.
The cleanup is organized to protect beaches along the coastline of Enoshima, Katase, Kugenuma, and Tsujido and maintain them as places that everyone in the community can enjoy.

Approximately 200 volunteers participated.

In May 2014, approximately 200 people participated, including employees of Fujisawa Plant and other related companies and their family members.
A grand total of 6,300 people participated, and a total of 2.9 tons of trash was removed.

Future Initiatives

In some of the regions which were cleaned up, it was necessary to pick up much of the trash by hand. Isuzu wishes to further expand its volunteer forces and raise awareness to keep the local Shonan Beach beautiful and free of trash.